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PAX 2012: MGS: Ground Zeroes Footage

By Bis18marck7002-09-2012

Right, you better be prepared for this. What you will see now, is the first gameplay footage of the next installment in Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. And yes, it’s good. In fact, it’s beyond good. While actual gameplay is only found at the end of the video, everything that leads up to it…is just….well, the Oxford dictionary doesn’t hold the word I am looking for. I am talking story here, I am talking music and sounds but above all, I am talking immersion – the video has it all, it’s damn well impressive. I would scream out in joy had I not frozen at the sight that unfolded before me.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes certainly deserves to be on nearly everyone’s ‘Watch List’. Meant as a prologue to Snakes adventures in Metal Gear Solid 5, it will bring with it an open world and lots of little ideas that could make this title stand out from all the rest. I mean, what game allows you to play music from your Evac-Helicopter? And yes, your enemies will hear it too. So bring forth the Valkyries if you are so inclined.

But let me not hold you from checking out the footage. Sit down - nice and comfy - lean back and press play. You won’t be disappointed...not even in the slightest.

Watch the extended trailer with some more gameplay from IGN here.

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Posts: 67

Mitchell, my respect for you is gone. It was the only game where I cried in the end, it had HUGE cutscenes, but surprisingly enough I think I replayed it about 4 or 5 times already. The gameplay is rock solid, there could be bigger areas in the likes of MGS3, but I think that the campaign was so full of content and consistent new mechanics and ideas (one time you're riding Metal Gear Rex and in another you're in 1vs1 fight with Ocelot), that I consider it to be the ultimate love letter to the fans of the series.

I'm actually intrigued with this game, I didn't think I would be actually hyped for a MGS game after the supposed final chapter of the main series. I can only speculate, but if the first trailer serves as an indication of an open world structure with good cinematic storyline, I'm all in.

Posts: 223

An open world Metal Gear game.... well slap my knees and call me Cindy...I am excited!!!

Posts: 37

I didn't like MGS4 much, but this looks very interesting.

Posts: 67

Looked outstanding, my inner fanboy is having a blast right now. I hope Stuntman is actually right for a change :D

Posts: 1548

@Reaver I think its BS. PS3 like PC would be way less powerful than an actual PS3 just because of the OS. Also the footage is at 1080 which doesn't look upscaled. To everyone saying that it's not coming to PC - why would they waste resources porting to PC just for the game show? Makes no sence.

Posts: 237

It is really impressive that this runs on a "PS3" like PC. It does look really good.