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Pathologic Gets a Kickstarter Remake

By acharris7730-11-2013

Russian studio Ice Pick, who originally made Pathologic back in 2005, decided that they want to do a remake. The original was a physiological thriller, which was very mysterious and brutal, and was very enjoyable even if the reality was slightly broken and badly translated. A modern-day make over would allow the developers to fix it, and bring it to a new generation, as long as the game do not lose its charm along the way.

Before anyone gets excited, this may not actually happen yet. Now all Ice Pick have done is put their idea out there on the Russian equivalent to Facebook, VK. There are plans for a video to pitch it to the people. Here is what they have said, thanks to some translation:

Friends. We initiate resuscitation Mora. Make this game will be very difficult. Magnitude of the task to which we swung far exceed our resources. Therefore, we will refer to your help whenever possible. first task that faces us – Kick training [this appears to be a mistranslation of 'Kickstarter']. We will need to shoot a few commercials for-page application.

- 1 – For the first of them, we need to remove the massive short scene: a large room (former workshop), lie on the floor in rows people sheltered sheets. Need 40-50 people. Each requires a white sheet (with no patterns, no stripes, no flowers!), preferably not new, it is possible with holes. Need to wear clothes not very good: we'll have 10 minutes to lie down on the floor is not very clean, the mattress will not. If does not reach 20 people, shooting cancel.

- 2 – For the second movie, we need to select some of the most outstanding (including from your point of view) examples of fan art: art, cosplay, video. This fan art (distinguished by the level of performance!) To gather in one place (here) and in good quality. Much of what once came across our network, in this group there but much work is presented here in a depressingly low resolution. Nikita, maybe you have some ideas – it is better to collect?

- 3 – Besides this we need people with fluent spoken English, ready to talk about the game at the camera: it is good to those accumulated at least ten, but better – more. We look forward to you!

So this is pretty much all we know, and if the game is going to be remade, then it will be done through a Kickstarter. The original was unique, so let us hope that if the remake does get the go ahead, then it will be half as good as the original.

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That game was so crazy, I didn't even read the LP.