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Partners Parting Words

By Bobfish25-04-2013

On top of the already hefty layoffs and studio closing of the last few weeks, Electronic Arts are at it again. This time, via sources close to EA, the troubling news that EA Partners will soon be made defunct. Though this will not affect any of the upcoming games, specifically Insomniac's Fuse and the presently unnamed project from Respawn. The reasons behind this decision remain just as elusive as all of the previous closures.

This is becoming a disturbing trend, with yet more studios to be closing over the coming months. What this all means is anyone's guess. But the picture emerging is increasingly grim for the future of EA. But perhaps not so grim as some would hope. Could this be the start of a return to what made then great in the first place? Quality over quantity? Leave your thoughts below.

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They've been pissing people off and haemorrhaging money for a while now. I think it's finally coming back to bite them in the arse. Though I doubt it's going to lead to a complete demise of the company, it will lead to some major changes. Maybe they'll even start giving a shit about their customers again. 'Cause, y'know, that tends to make you money

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What the hell is going up there?!
I understand why they ditched Facebook games, but Partners?! Something clearly must be happening.