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Partners In Planetary Invasions

By JcDent29-03-2013

Eve Online is a PC space MMORPG where space battles take second seat to corporate warfare. Dust 514 is a free-to-play PS3 sci-fi Battlefield-ish game set in the Eve universe. Together, they invade planets!

And upcoming update to Dust 514 (called Uprising) now has a trailer (called Battle for Caldari Prime) that shows PC and PS3 player cooperating in a battle. The PS3 player is the ground pounder while the big boys with PCs are duking it out in space. Their cooperation? One of the ships breaks through the line and, on the infantryman's request, delivers a devastating (if visually disappointing) orbital strike. Then the clip ends with the fleet thrashing a leviathan and it crashing upon the planet below.

What do you think about it? Should more games try it? Should EVE go F2P?


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My question is. Since I have a Dust and EVE account. Can I support myself?

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I played EVE quite a lot back in the day (before the visual overhaul and such). Just after a while I realised how little CCP listened to player feedback and all my long-time friends in-game also slowly stopped playing the title as they all started feeling the same way. CCP just keeps doing new features and still refuses to fix issues that have existed since I FIRST started playing! That's just ridiculous. As for DUST, I just don't get it... PS3 for a PC MMO? Makes no sense to me. Only time will tell if it makes sense to the consumers or if they will be as confused by it as I am.

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You know what I really want to see? The ability to land my Wolf, in a firefight, hop out of my pod and jump straight into Dust.

Make it happen CCP!

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Remembering some of the bastard actions done in EVE, I'm wondering if an orbital strikes that kill everyone in the Dust match are possible. If so, then the "cooperation" will end up badly.