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Paradox's New Game Plan

By SavageOcto06-02-2013

Paradox CEO Federik Wester had an interview with Gamespy where he talked about the lesson's learned from Gettysburg's "horrible" release. "We also closed four game projects. This happened after Gettysburg. We looked at them and said, 'These games are not up to the standards we're currently looking for at Paradox, so we're going to close these projects.' We're not going to have any more games that are unplayable at release."

While we don't know what projects these were, if they were bad I'm glad they've decided to stop them and focus on projects that are going to actually be fun. Paradox also now has an internal QA team to help counter buggy launches. Though even a deep wallet can't stop them completely. Just look at Diablo 3. Wester is determined to see Paradox earn a better reputation.

The PC-focused publisher will be focusing on fewer, higher-quality titles. "When we write design documents in the office, they all sound like the greatest game of all time," says Wester. "Now, once it gets to vertical slice, we see if it's great or if it's bad, and if it's bad, we'll close it down and move onto the next idea. That's what you'll see from Paradox - few and better titles."

Let's hope Paradox's future will be filled with just that. While it always sucks to see titles trickle from your favorite developer, the Valves and Blizzards of the game world wouldn't have their reputation unless they had their strict quality controls.

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Thats so good to hear. Really like paradox. They seems like the only good publisher left now that THQ is gone.