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Paradox - The Eagles Diaries

By Bis18marck7017-09-2012

More news has reached our ears from Paradox Interactive concerning their upcoming title ‘March of the Eagles’. We have already given you a small announcement here but back then, Paradox hadn’t given out much information yet. They have rectified this with the launch of the Developer diaries which gives us more information on the game.

Set in the Napoleonic Era, the game will play during a relatively small time frame and is, how could it be any different, based around warfare. The game will be comparatively smaller release but Paradox assures us that this will also be reflected in the price tag. MotE will draw from older Paradox games and integrates the different play styles and is planned to be as ‘expansive and challenging’ as Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings.

With war spreading over 2.800 provinces covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the game will try to balance the warfare mode so that it gives you access to big armies instead of the smaller, individual companies you could command in Hearts of Iron. Other than in games such as Crusader Kings, not every province will be littered with holdings and cities but often only empty land with little or no benefit to the player. As such, key locations on the map will become more important and strategic battle over these will take precedent over little skirmishes.

With MotE, Paradox wants to design a game that will show the egoistic nature of each nation, the drive to self-preservation and strengthening as well as the ‘fluidity of alliances and coalitions’ that are formed on said aims. To let Paradox say it themselves:

‘{…}March of the Eagles is about how war changes nations and the revolutionary power of conflict. You lead a nation and it will be transformed in a short but chaotic decade. This will be a new way of experiencing the wars of this era, with a deeper understanding of how Napoleon's brilliance and France's new mass armies forced the rest of Europe to catch up.’

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