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Paradox: Let the Eagles Fly

By Bis18marck7029-08-2012

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Indeed, you’ve read that right - the French are coming. You might not believe it now – but a few centuries ago, that would actually instil fear in people’s hearts. The Times, They Are a-Changing.

Tackling the Napoleonic Era, Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced their newest creation – ‘March of the Eagles’. Gameplay wise based on the other creations by Paradox such as Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis, the game will let you play any European Power between 1805 – 1815.

Take control of the nations of Europe and make a stand in the FFA that is sure to ensue. Will you aid the French and conquer all of Europe; or will you march on Paris to shed away this revolutionist plague, defend the Status Quo and crush this little upstart Corsican? The choice shall be yours for 32 nations cry out in need of a hero to take them through this troubled time.

Next to the singleplayer experience, you will be able to slug it out on multiplayer with 31 other heads of states lusting for power just like you.

Will you follow the call to arms, raise your flag and beat the drums? I sure will. And as such:

“Aux armes, citoyens – Formez vos bataillons – marchons, marchons !”

Sign for the Beta here.

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Interesting. Each Paradox game has a specific focus. Hearts of Iron has combat, Crusader Kings has the dynasty, Victoria is the economic one and Europa Universalis is the big broad mix of all three. Considering the short span of this new title, I wonder where it fits in exactly. Can't wait for more details.