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Paradox Dev Chimes in on Game Complexity

By Leigh Cobb25-04-2013

After Ubisoft's Jade Raymond made some rather silly comments, as a sign of just how simplified the next Splinter Cell will be, the issue of game complexity has been on everyone's minds. Well Paradox Development Studio Lead, Johan Andersson, has some thoughts of his own regarding the debate.

Rather pragmatically, Andersson has said in his interview with Digitally Downloaded, that "I don't agree with the position that a game is either mass market or complex!" Paradox, known for developing perhaps some of the most complex titles out there, have filled something of a niche with their games, receiving praise and good sales in the process. Johan goes on to say that,

"Improvements to your interface allow you to keep the same level of complexity while at the same time broadening the appeal [...] One of our goals with Europa Universalis IV is to keep the complexity in the game, but at the same time make the game more intuitive and less complicated to get into for the player."

His words are perhaps the most rational I've heard yet over the issue of game complexity. Paradox have certainly made marked improvement towards better interfaces and simpler navigation with their recent title, Crusader Kings, so it is good to see that they will continue to improve in this area for Europa Universalis IV, whilst not losing any complexity. You hear this Jade Raymond? Don't change the series people loved for its complexity, because you want to appeal to the 'action gamer'. Keep the depth that made it great and ease the barrier for entry! Fat chance of that thought, still, at least Paradox have the right idea.

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Paradox is usually very honest with their fans.

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I think the fact that Paradox isn't selling out is what is making them all the money. If they tried to appeal to a "wider audience" that wouldn't end well...

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Paradox <3

'Nuff said