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Paradox Con Has BRIAN BLESSED, Announcements

By Leigh Cobb31-01-2013

Fredrik Wester, Paradox CEO, has recently finished his opening press conference at the Paradox Convention 2013. There were a lot of announcements, including DLC, a new game, news and BRIAN BLESSED.

Let's start with the big news, in every way imaginable, War of the Roses is getting BRIAN BLESSED DLC. As you should know by now, it is physically impossible to type his name without using caps lock. Famous for being a thespian actor of the very highest calibre and all round loud person, utilising decibel levels previously unheard of by man, War of the Roses will soon be featuring his many talents in the form of voice work. Oh yes.

Another big announcement was relating to Crusader Kings II, specifically the upcoming 'Old Gods' expansion. Well, we now have some more details and can tell you that this expansion will push the starting date back to 867 AD, add playable pagans and Vikings, as well as new landless adventurer characters. Looks like an awesome game just got awesom...er.

Victoria II: The African Campaign will be the other Paradox game getting some additional content love. With an obvious focus on Africa, this add on will allow you to "compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war."

As well as DLC announcements, the Paradox Conference was also home to a new game announcement. Leviathan Warships will be a strategic action game, allowing players to build and customise a fleet and put their skills to the test against three other players. As well as a PC version, this title will also come to Mac, iOS and Android, with cross-play compatibility planned. Last on the list is The Showdown Effect, which will begin taking pre-orders today. Pre-ordering will give you instant access to the beta to boot.

All in all, a good conference on Paradox's part. New games, fun sounding DLC... what's not to love!?

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Cool Warships remind me of Sup Com a bit :)