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Paradox and White Wolf … That's Unexpected

By McKaby30-10-2015

CCP Games (EvE Online, DUST 514) has said only a few hours ago that it and Paradox Interactive (Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and publishers of Cities: Skylines) have made a deal and White Wolf is no longer under CCP but is now under Paradox.

The history of CCP and White Wolf is one that lists general failure, when CCP bought them it was hoped that something would happen, and then we heard of the “World in Darkness” MMO which failed to appear, even a leaked concept art, it just went blank, then CCP announced massive layoffs in the old White Wolf offices, signalling that nothing would be done and even stated that they were unable to afford anything like that, even with EVE Online growing year on year at that point.

Paradox Interactive however do have a good list of games that they have made in-house and also published, I do not recall them having done any MMOs yet, but they do have an excellent catalogue of single player and multi-player games, so we may see a few single player White Wolf games, but it would be a pleasant surprise of they do make the World in Darkness MMO.

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Honestly, I would love to see another Vampire game or even the MMO, but to see that White Wolf has gone to a publisher that does have a few studios and a good catalogue of in-house games than with CCP's history of The Danger Game which was a card game, and it's long history of EvE Online plus it's now decrepit MMO-FPS-RPG shooter DUST 514 and the current project of EvE Valkyrie for VR and the new Legion that is a multi-platform version of DUST 514. CCP had the expertise for an MMO, it for some reason seems to focus more to it's own universe, and not a bad thing with that, but it is nice to know that there is a good chance of a new Vampire game now.

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