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Panthers And Ghosting

By Bobfish22-03-2013

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Developer Pat Reading gives us a threeway breakdown tour of the, not so, Abandoned Mill section of the game. Showcasing the options and differences between the game's three play styles. Ghost, the more traditional hide and sneak method relies on patience, deep shadows and ingenious gadgets. Assault, unsurprisingly, is all about taking them head on, hitting hard and fast. Whilst the Panther, now that's a different story which, for me, is where the true strength of this game will shine. A seamless, perfect blend between staying undetected and dishing out swift, brutal killing blows. It's also worth noting that this is running on the 360, judging by the number of contextual action hints on screen. And it looks gorgeous. Makes me all the more excited to see it running maxed out. So descend from your perch and claw you mark across our comments section with your own thoughts.

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