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Pander Row 4?

By JcDent05-08-2013

I liked Saints Row 2, but I fell out of love with Saints Row 3 - but don't worry, fans, as our preview promises, we're gonna give a high score to Saints Row 4! Of course, the publishers don't think that this is enough, so they're treating you to couple more videos.

The first one is about the devs saying that SR4 is a love song to the fans... not that hard to believe, since most of the fans came on board with SR3, and those guys don't expect much - and dismiss anyone claiming that the much more sombre tone of SR1 and SR2 was a bit better to make all the fun stuff stand out.

Also, the devs never blink. Never.

The other vid - embedded below - contains 90 minutes of gameplay and commentary, and a Rev3Games reporter who's so happy about the game, he's about to stick his tongue down Dave Bianchi's (of Volition) throat. Basically, it shows off everything general about the game. The super powers that have elemental enhancements. The weapons customization (re-skinning). Activities. Missions. Clothing. Basically, everything you can expect (lack of cutscenes?) out of Saints Row 3 With Aliens, i.e. Saints Row 4. That said, in comparison to Saints Row 3, the game might look better.

I won't know. I'm not getting a review copy!

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