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Painkiller Goes On Demonic Vacation at The Blood Sea

By JcDent12-10-2013

...or at least that's the name of the sixth DLC for Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, somewhat warmly received sequel to Painkiller, the mass demon shooting game. So, what goes on "Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea"? Well, Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director at Nordic Games, said this:

"Painkiller continues with its sixth DLC, in which we look forward to bringing new levels, enemies and over the top arsenal to fans that will cause even more hellish destruction," "Following on from the 5th DLC, Heaven's Above, we switched back perspectives and we continue to provide thrilling old school first-person shooter action once again in this latest DLC."

Yes, somebody thought that it was a good idea to make DLC that turns Painkiller into a top down shooter. What the hell were they drinking there, up north? Anyways, now the view's back to normal, so you can impale even more demonic enemies on the iconic steak gun (Half Life 2's crossbow wishes it was this badass).

OK, so the quick list of the stuff in the DLC goes something like this:

3 singleplayer/coop maps themed around picturesque ocean view settings: Monastery, Docks and Ruins

New map "Ruins" with epic sea-monster boss fight

Revamped bossfight: check out the hellish offspring of Thor and Leviathan

New enemies: Ancient Soldiers, Conquistadores, Gimps

Revamped enemies from the original Painkiller: Hellbikers, Rocket-Jumpers, Scythe Monks, and Grenadier Monks

New weapon: Cannon; Primary Fire: shoots a massive fiery cannonball that pushes enemies away, burning/instagibbing them on direct hit and at close range; Secondary Fire: shoots an icy cannonball that freezes multiple enemies on direct impact, and slows enemies in an AoE-radius

New Tarot Card: 666 ammo

And just look at those sweet, sweet screenshots! They're so inviting you to go on a rampage to shoot up some zombie conquistadors and worse critters. Even that massive boss looks badass! Maybe this can help the game shamble up to a 7 on Metacritic? Then again, fans are probably eager to receive the DLC, since they already bought five of them.

They just don't make games like this anymore, do they?

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I actually didn't expect them to make more for the game. Hopefully they'll bundle this all in a complete edition at some point for a nice discount.