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PA Opens Doors to Early Access, Celebrates With a Trailer

By Mokman10-06-2013

So, I assume by now Planetary Annihilation needs no introduction, taking into account the fair amount of coverage and excitement we have showered. However, what most of you may not have noticed is that not only has the Alpha begun, with the alpha keys having been distributed all over, but instant access has also been enabled, which means if you pre-order the game now, you would gain immediate access to the alpha. And they're celebrating this fact with another awesome trailer.

Of course, as the developers are quick to reiterate, "Alpha means the game is not finished! It isn't heavily optimized yet, it doesn't have all its features yet. It is not for the faint of heart. As of today, only Windows 64 (Vista, Win 7 & Win8) is supported. We expect Mac OS/X to be available in the next week or two, and Linux soon after. The 32-bit Windows client should also become available in that time frame. Windows XP is not supported."

Well, that's a downer for those still clutching on to the older OS, but for the rest of us? It seems that it's time again to open up our wallets...

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Supcom is probably one of the games that do use multiple cores.
It runs optimally with 3

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Oh it does looks so much better (at least much more promising than sup com). Also as much as I love sup com I hate that it doesnt support multicore CPU's which, for a CPU bound game is a death sentence.

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And it looks no more special than supreme commander.

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90 bucks just to get into the alpha... that is just crazy.