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PA Livestream - 40 Minutes of Awesome

By Fr33Lanc3r.00704-05-2013

The Planetary Annihilation guys have uploaded their latest Livestream, showing off our first glimpses of gameplay, as well as a general Q&A. The gameplay demo is one of the first depictions of battle seen since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and the first ever that has taken place in actual gameplay, and I can say that - even in it's completely unpolished pre-alpha state - IT! LOOKS!! AWESOME!!! (if a little buggy at this point). They do make pains to say that everything shown is a mere shadow of what it will eventually be capable of, but it's good to see some actual gameplay on display. There isn't much else I can say except "CHECK THE DAMN VIDEO OUT! Even if you aren't interested, WATCH THE BLOODY VIDEO!"

As for the Q&A, the biggest news is that they've worked out a rough timeline for the Alpha release (and beyond), and will be making a major announcement in the next Livestream, beyond that there are some questions about more advanced mechanics (they can't show us interplanetary combat yet, or asteroids smashing into things), and other features planned for the final build - like the ability to watch a reply then jump in and take over as part of a new game. It's interesting stuff, so give it a look (it's embedded below).

I probably don't need to tell you where to go if you're suddenly interested in pre-ordering Planetary Annihilation, but for the cause of redundancy, here it is.

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Just release it already. I really looks great!