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OZombie: Partial Publisher Funding Likely

By BloodyFanGirl04-07-2013

We've previously covered OZombie's Kickstarter, but now Spicy Horse have revealed that the funding their seeking is unlikely to be enough to complete the game. They say that it would likely only be "enough to get us started and deliver some initial chapters" (a la Double Fine's revised approach to Broken Age).

Spicy Horse have therefore announced their intention to seek funding elsewhere as well to make up the shortfall and this will most likely come from a publisher. American McGee explained the situation to Strategy Informer, "That amount is less than what we'll need to develop the full game, but enough to get us started and deliver some initial chapters. We'll need to throw some of our own funding at it, work to secure outside funding (perhaps via publishing deals) and find other creative ways to bridge the gap. This is the kind of thing we do constantly as an independent studio, so I'm confident we can use whatever funding we secure to make an excellent product and expand on whatever gets built first."

It seems that this week we're seeing some of the limitations inherent in crowd-funding services like Kickstarter. I'm definitely not an expert but, whilst Kickstarter offers a great deal of freedom to many, funding from a publisher is often much more suitable for some larger projects and, judging by the video above, OZombie will be HUGE. In the future we may see many Kickstarted projects go the way of Broken Age with the revenue for the initial chapters funding the development of the concluding part of the game. However this isn't a suitable plan of action for everyone. Whilst OZombie will have a micro transaction system in its multi-player, and therefore a source of revenue after release, relying on this to fund the rest of the project is a very risky move and could lead to us never seeing the full game the initial Kickstarter promised. That's not to say that funding from a publisher is without issues though, but it seems like it's a thing worth pursuing for OZombie in conjunction with the Kickstarter.

The crowd funding campaign has 32 days left on it and over $125,000 of the $950,000 goal has already been funded. I suggest you head on over to the Kickstarter page and help Spicy Horse out with a pledge of your own if you haven't already.

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McGee just wants tons of money. And then if/when the game ends up being mediocre, he'll blame everyone else but himself. Starting to get a distaste for this man. Well I suppose, someone had to fill the void after Molyneux left Lionhead...