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Overwatch: Zenyatta Gameplay Preview

By drcoolio34518-05-2015

Despite being busy with things like being a robot and fighting a battle, Zenyatta has dedicated his life to seeking enlightenment, and he's expressing that enlightenment by launching balls at his opponents and protecting his allies it seems. All the Overwatch characters have YouTube videos showing off their abilities, but Zenyatta is the second character to get his own full gameplay preview (the first one being Mercy Ed: Check out the bottom!)

Zenyetta looks like a support character similar to Mercy from his abilities, but with a few more frontline tactics. While most of the gameplay video showed off his basic attack that consists of launching his orbs one by one at opponents or charging up for all of them to rush forward at once, he does have the power to shield his enemies or debuff his enemies using his energy. As for his ultimate move, he projects an aura that protects his comrades and himself from harm, an ability that looks incredibly handy when it comes to defending or capturing points.

For now all we can do is sit back and wait for more gameplay previews to come out from Blizzard, but when they do, we here at PixelJudge will let you know all about it.


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