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Overwatch Has a New Sheriff In Town

By zethalee22-05-2015

A spitting image of the American Wild West, his name is McCree. Formerly aligned with the justice-seeking Overwatch, McCree now finds himself fighting for the largest paycheck he can find. With a rapid-fire revolver that sounds straight out of the movies, he is Blizzard's latest hero from Overwatch to get a gameplay video and a biography update on Blizzard's website.

From the gameplay video linked above, he seems to excel at dishing out a lot of damage quickly. With an ability to rapidly fire his revolver, tumble away from danger (and reload said revolver in the process), and toss a flashbang, stunning enemies in a small area, he looks like someone you wouldn't want to fight one on one. If that wasn't enough, his ultimate ability, Deadeye, locks him in place as he aims a killing blow at anyone in the area, with the shot lining up faster the lower health you have. Conversely, it seems as though McCree has very little health himself, and doesn't appear to move very quickly at all, save for his tumble.

As far as other features are concerned, the game looks quite sleek, with all of the characters easily standing out against the environment. The map itself is quite varied, with two futuristic bases connected by a brightly-lit outdoor area not unlike something you'd see in TF2. The “payload” also appears to be borrowed from TF2, which definitely isn't a bad thing, as it's easily the game's strongest mode. We'll know more about how Overwatch plays and feels when any of our team gets a chance to play it for themselves, but until then, we'll have the news as it arrives.


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