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Overlord The Fellowship of Da Bling

By elethio13-10-2015

Here is the latest ‘Minionstry of Information’ update. This time showcasing the four different Overlords you can choose to play as. Details are sparse to the exact difference between all the overlords but the main distinctions are:

Cryos – The Ice Mage

Signature colour: Blue

Signature weapons: Quarterstaff

Signature Spell/Move: Ice Wall

Hakon – The Dwarf Rogue

Signature colour: Green

Signature weapons: Hand axes

Signature Spell/Move: Dance of Hurricanes

Inferna – The Fire Warrior

Signature colour: Red

Signature weapons: Broad Sword

Signature Spell/Move: Abyssal Scythe

Malady – The Necromancer

Signature colour: Purple

Signature weapons: Wand

Signature Spell/Move: Soul Devourer


Just as interesting though are the opponents, are the three main advocates of ‘Shining Justice’ you will have to destroy if you wish to complete your evil destiny, these opponents are:

  • Sparkle: The Unicorn
  • Lady Clarrisa the Vigorous: Warrior of good
  • Sir Cedric the Cleanly: OCD Knight

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will be invading Steam from the 20th of October, and is available for for £11.99 or your regional equivalent.

Those choosing to pre-purchase Overlord: FOE, will also receive ‘Da Bling’ .. I mean, will also receive nine exclusive TF2 Minion wearables, and ‘Da Big Book Of Art’ digital art book.

Of course it would be remiss of me to advocate pre purchasing without some kind of warning, but I’m feeling evil today so; Spend Spend Spend my lovelies!

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