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Overkill Partners with 505 Games on The Walking Dead

By zethalee01-05-2015

Though we know very little about Overkill's take on the incredibly popular zombie series, we do know that it's based on the series created by Robert Kirkman, that it's going to be a co-operative shooter, perhaps similarly to Overkill's Payday games, and it's going to involve some new characters in new situations.

Today, however, comes the news that 505 Games will be partnering with Overkill in a publishing agreement, at least as far as the consoles are concerned. Previously, 505 has worked with Overkill in publishing Payday 2 and the series has definitely enjoyed some degree of success because of it, if the continued updates are any indication. While this doesn't mean anything new for the game itself, this quite solidly locks the game in for a release on current consoles and PC sometime in 2016. 

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The Walking Paydead...

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Stealth, open world, hub areas - Woodbury, Alexandria and the like, hunting (Darryl...), leave moral choices and branching storylines to Telltale's TWD series - just have this as a big open world game where you just have to survive. Obviously have some sort of end game but maybe once the end game has been reached, keep the world open to explore and have plenty of side objectives like search for survivors, hunting like I said above and stuff like that.

After playing a shit load of Payday 2, I have faith that this could be something Walking Dead fans have been waiting for. That's not to say Telltale haven't done a great job with their series, I just want a more gamey Walking Dead game