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Outlasting News

By Bobfish24-07-2013

If you're unsure whether this is good news or bad news, take a quick shuftie down to the gallery and have a mooch through the screenshots. You'll immediately see it's bad news, but in a good way. Outlast is landing on September 4th. A scant six weeks from now, on September the 4th, for a frighteningly low price of $19.99/£14.99. That scrawny chappy the clever seems to have already been hard at work...slashing the prices. Hah, so witty!

Enough with the lame horror puns.

By this stage, I'm sure those of you who don't know anything about the game are the ones who hide behind the nearest inaminate object at the very thought of its name. If you are one of those, and you're still here through sheer morbid curiosity, I think it's time you left the internet and never came back. For those who have been rubbing your hands in gleeful anticipation...it might be time for some of you to leave as well. These are some disturbing images indeed.

You have been  warned.


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Posts: 351

I really hope so, man after our recent podcast I want the OR so bad :D

Posts: 3290

Merc, you are a sick, sick puppy.

Think they'll let us do co-op?!

Posts: 1548

I think I'd ruin my pants with OR :D

Posts: 351

I want this game, but I want to play it with Occulus Rift :(