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Outlast Trailer Aims to Terrify

By Leigh Cobb01-11-2012

Remember we told you about upcoming survival horror game Outlast? Well now you can get a feel for what the game will play like with this new trailer.

As I sat and watched the trailer in order to write this news post up, I was alt-tabbed out of 'A Game of Dwarves', which I am playing for the upcoming Pixel Judge review. I can't help but feel that whimsical and happy Dwarf music somehow ruins the tone this Outlast trailer is trying to set.

Nevertheless, it is creepy, atmospheric and very tense. Everything a survival horror game set in an asylum should be! There's creeping around, using a camera and being chased by crazy monster inmates. Be warned however, although this trailer is in first person and could pass for gameplay if you weren't looking closely enough, it isn't. Still, it does it's job well and seems to be in engine.


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Nice visuals and even the trailer managed to get my heart racing. I'm not the biggest horror game fan but might check it out.