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OuterWorlds Online Features... Well, Everything

By Mokman02-12-2013

Well, here's an interesting one. A sci-fi MMO that features RTS, RPG and MOBA elements, made by New Zealanders? Hmm, that's either a recipe for success or for some real acronym confusion. Either way, it's hit Kickstarter and OuterWorlds Online is determined to prove itself. Conglomerating all these recent hits together into one great big product, it features the classic science fiction themes of guns, bigger guns, and giant robots carrying even bigger guns.

A sandbox exploratory MMO, you are able to dominate the galaxy through a variety of means, with your own ship to pilot and make diplomacy with, Star Trek style. Or to simply go around marauding and pillaging, blowing up other players and landing on their planets, kicking over their stuff - which then somehow translates into a MOBA style game featuring base defense.

Interested? Well, I am. Check out their Kickstarter Page here.

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