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Outcast Set Free From Atari

By Toast03-07-2013

Outcast was a very appealing game, wasn't it? Yes the pun is intended, some of you may remember Outcast developed by Appeal back before we had GTA III to fill the void for a new open world game. It had a very memorable graphic style using voxel type graphics, so that it would be more lenient on modern PCs at the time. You had to roam about either on foot or on mammals throughout the voxel world, simpler times before we had cars and violent weapons!

After the release of the original, a direct sequel was planned. Unfortunately these plans caved in once Appeal went bankrupt later on ending the chances for any sequel to the franchise for the time being, that was until now. Three of the founders Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet have just announced that they have purchased the IP directly from Atari Europe and now have the franchise in their hands (not the Atari branch that filed for bankruptcy earlier).

Fans may be glad to hear the plans for Outcast is a "revival of the franchise" which could possibly mean a HD version or a remake of the original. There wasn't much word about their plans beyond this, but if the original guys have the license in their hands this can only be a good thing in my eyes.

So, what do you think the plans are for the Outcast license? A crowd-funded sequel or remake? Let us know below dear readers!


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Posts: 1548

Can we expect it on Steam now? Please.

Posts: 3290

Sometimes it's nice to be proven wrong eh?

Posts: 1317

Loved Outcast. Didn't knew anyone on this particular planet had played it. Good to hear it's out of the limbo. Now... NOLF....