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Outcast Remake has a Gameplay Video for you

By Spellbound23-04-2014

Remember the Kickstarter for a remake of Outcast several days ago? Well, there’s been progress. A video featuring gameplay just came out, and in it we are shown the intrepid protagonist with a strange name in all his low-polygon glory, talking to other low-poly-people and shooting others with invisible bullets. It’s a rather amusing sight, to see all those original models running around in a world given a new coating of HD paint. Worry not, ‘tis all placeholder.

Should the game reach its Kickstarter goal, you can expect more to be improved, and everything rendered in high-definition. Anything beyond that will see the addition of facial rigging and lipsynching for all characters, next generation graphical enhancements, VR support, orchestral soundtracks, and even a whole new world!

As of the moment of this news, Outcast Reboot HD has 14 days left for its funding campaign, and has seen only a little over a third of its goal financed. Here’s to hoping that it will manage to collect the money it needs.

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