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Out of Berlin, Still Deadly

By MrJenssen02-10-2013

Well, this is a welcome change of pace. It seems developer Rebellion has grown tired of the drab urban ruins of Berlin. Though Sniper Elite V2 was a fun little romp, it was little more than a very linear arcade shooter with testicular X-ray explosion mechanics layered on top.

Sniper Elite 3 was announced some time ago, and will supposedly be more open-ended. This is good news for aspiring snipers, as being confined to narrow corridors is not where a good sniper thrives. As the trailer above clearly indicates, the series finally takes its first steps out of the urban and into the wild. Whether the entire game is to be set in the North-African campaign or if Africa is but a part of the game, is uncertain.

Sniper Elite 3 is set for release sometime next year, and will be available for just about every console you'd want to play it on. Except that one from Nintendo. You know the one.

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Does...does this mean you can perform vehicular nutshots? o.O

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Looks kind of the same but I liked the second one. The vehicle XRAY looks very cool which I hope will be in the game.