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Origins To Get CE, PC Not Invited

By MrJenssen07-08-2013

The next iteration in the Batman Arkham-franchise, Arkham Origins, just popped up on Steam today, and though no release date is listed, a new press release reveals that the game is set for release on October 25th, worldwide, for all platforms. The press release also comes with an announcement of the obligatory physical Collector's Edition box. Along with the standard art-books and "exclusive" DLCs, a fancy 30cm tall statue with Batman and the Joker duking it out on an Arkham City rooftop is also to be found inside the box. It looks pretty good, too.

... It's only too bad that PC gamers won't be able to buy it, then. Oh well.


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And pretty generic. You'll likely be able to find the statue on Ebay sometime soon. And even if not, Sideshow have some pretty awesome premium format statues already.

Posts: 1548

It's probably too expensive for me anyway.

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SHUT UP An...d.... wut? Gosh darn it! Damn you, you anti-PC consulefaqssss!

But yeah, obviously CE editions don't sell well on PC, digital has kind of taken over the market and the industry still hasn't figured out how to hit that digital market well with CE (I know a few ways they can do it...)

Heck, to this day I can go to pretty much any local electronics store that sells PC games and can still find CE stuff for Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, and many other shockingly old games.

So yeah, it is no wonder that they don't make CE for PC, they just do not sell.

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It's the principal of the thing. This is the kind of shit EA kept pulling

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Meh. Wasn't a party I was going attend either way.

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Oh, fuck you Warner, just fuck you!