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Original Sin Kickstarter Impresses

By Leigh Cobb30-03-2013

Kickstarter projects continue to be launched and continue to make a lot of money. One of the latest is an RPG, Divinity: Original Sin, from developers Larian Studios. With few days in, it's already made almost $200,000 of its $400,000 goal.

In the video above, you can see all the hard work Larian Studios have put in so far. They have been developing this game for two years, after announcing it a while back after the releases of their previous games (Divine Divinity and Divinity II). They just need that extra bit of crowd funding to add in every single thing they want to, ensuring the game is made to its fullest extent.

What I like about this particular Kickstarter is that, aside from looking like a terrific game, they have shown off a lot of screenshots, videos of gameplay and given lots of information. Divinity: Original Sin will have lots of great features: drop in, drop out co-op multiplayer, a level editor (including terrain editing, item and building placement and full customisation of NPCs in the game world), a rather cool looking dialogue system where both multiplayer players can participate and more.

  • "Divinity:Original Sin is an Isometric cRPG.
  • You can play in single player mode but also in cooperative multiplayer mode
  • It's a real epic CRPG so even in multiplayer, you're engaging in much more than just combat and item fever. A nifty cooperative dialog system, a highly reactive world, a deep character development system and plenty of choice and consequence situations see to that.
  • You can create your own RPG adventures with our powerful RPG editor and share or play them with friends
  • Combat is very tactical. It is turn-based and features things like skill and spell combos, attacks of opportunity, action points and much more.
  • Exploration is greatly rewarded.
  • You can develop your character(s) to fit your playstyle using our classless skill and stats system.
  • There are countless item interactions and item combinations waiting to be discovered.
  • No Divinity game is complete without music composed by the  brilliant Kirill Pokrovsky."

There is no doubt that this Kickstarter will exceed its $400,000 goal. I've never played any of the Divinity games before, but I like what I see with this one. There is more info on the Kickstarter page above and I suggest you watch the video, it's highly informative. What are your views on this latest Kickstarter?

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