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Origin to Start Testing on Mac

By Leigh Cobb25-01-2013

EA are bringing their Origin digital distribution platform to Mac (OS X ver. 10.6.8 and up), so now you, Apple gamers, out there can use another DRM service. Oh, and EA games! Testers who accept the challange can receive a free copy of Popcap's Bookworm as a reward for their services to testing. That's right, Bookworm.

The Origin store won't actually be available on Mac until the Official release sometime later down the line, so Mac testers will be stuck with Bookworm for the time being. EA have made clear that they plan to bring over everything they can from the PC side, including cloud storage and auto-patching, with the aforementioned store and streaming services being the only exceptions. As well as this, EA hopes that the official Mac launch of Origin will also see several of EA's own games, as well as those by third parties, available on the Mac client.

I say good on EA, expanding to other platforms is always a good idea. More games for more gamers. Though Valve is still one step ahead with their testing of Steam on Linux, at least EA are catching up.

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I should be on 10.6 tomorrow. I can offer some thoughts from a firsthand perspective