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Origin of Gamers

By Toast29-06-2013

The Vice President of EA wants Origin to become the central service to gamers, or rather the Origin of gaming. As quoted by GameIndustry at E3 this year the aim for EA is to "really re-establish Origin as a service to gamers, not as a means to drive transactions." Of course, you'd expect this kind of quote from one of the guys that originally planned out the Origin platform in the first place along with Chris Roberts, stating that Origin is "a service that makes your EA games better."

Wilson upholds the opinion that Origin is a very important and central part to EA's foothold in the PC market and is determined to make it "a complementary service that enhances your game experience irrespective of where you made the transaction. That's the shift you're going to see from us." Although there has been some negative feedback since the start of Origin's launch and the disappearance of some games on the Steam store, EA wants to send a message to gamers and Origin users. "We get it. We understand it. We have heard, we have made some changes already in terms of how we do things, and we're looking at more changes that we'll talk about over the coming months that really are gamer-focused."

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this, but I doubt it'll mean much in terms of anything appearing up again on Steam or anything like that, likely more requested features for Origin. So who here uses Origins? Do you mind having to use the platform? Let us know below.

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Posts: 351

I wont hold my breath.

Posts: 3290

If they want Origin to be appealing, how about not making it shit?

Posts: 297

Too late I'd say.

Posts: 1317

Is it just me, or does that guy sound like a spoiled child? He WANTS Origin to become the central service? You know, you can't BUY trust and loyalty, EA-Man.

Posts: 3290

Yeah, pretty much. But even then...Steam

Posts: 4

Origin will become the central service to gamers when EA decides that making gamers happy is just as important as making a profit.