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Origin Integrating Live Streaming

By NeonAnderson09-11-2012

It seems Origin has beaten Steam to this one - EA has now announced that they are partnering up with Twitch.tv to provide live streaming services for all of its 12 million users. While it is unknown yet at what qualities Origin players will be able to broadcast, but we can safely presume it will be similar to the limitations on Xfire, thus to free Twitch accounts.

So Steam, where remains your broadcasting? While Origin is first on this, Steam could still introduce their own services that allow for greater quality broadcasts than over Twitch with free accounts.

Regardless of whether or not you like Origin, if you use it for any of your EA games, or even to purchase third party games on it – this feature will be a welcome addition.

Do you plan on broadcasting through Origin? Do you already broadcast any of your play sessions? Share your comments below!

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More feature = good. But they still have a long way to go.