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Origin + Steam + Charity = ?

By Toast14-08-2013

You might be confused at my example calculation, but you'll just be as confused and amazed as I am in a minute. It appears that EA have struck a deal with the guys at Humble Bundle and have produced the official Humble Origin Bundle. Of course, they'll be giving out keys for every single game, but ironically they're also handing Steam keys for some of their games, even after their little squabble over Valve's cut on each digital unit being sold in their store, supposedly. Regardless, now you can grab some of these games on the cheap! You can pay $1 for the following:

• Dead Space

• Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

• Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

• Mirror's Edge

• Dead Space 3

• Medal of Honor

You can also Grab Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 (+ the Starter Pack) for around $5, but this price will change depending on the average purchase. Currently at the time of writing this bundle has just surpassed 391,000 sales and will probably be at the 400k mark pretty soon. Highly recommended to grab it if you want to add it your Origin or Steam collection! Now all we need as a Humble Activision Bundle.....excuse me while I go laugh that one off.

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Origin redemption is finally working btw

@Neon: Your Mum...

Posts: 596

I bought two of these bundles, each for 10 bucks. One for myself and one for my mom (the one for my mom was mostly because she is a fan of Dead Space and it includes Dead Space 3, which she didn't have yet and we can then co-op together)

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$3.5MILLION raised for charity in a day

Posts: 3290

You think this could be the start of a trend?

Ubisoft next?

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It seems that Humble Bundle has been preparing their system for such cases, unlike Origin.

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Well, this will get few people on Origin...

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I bought this....dam you humble bundles! You're worse than the Steam Sales!

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Gotta be honest, I broke my cardinal "no more EA games" rule for this one.

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I'm surprised Humble isn't down to be honest

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They'll probably be like that for the next 12-24 hours or so =P