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Operation: Vigilance

By StuntmanLT06-09-2012

BioWare is trying to keep Mass Effect 3 owners engaged with yet another multiplayer event. There is not much else to say than this:

Operation: VIGILANCE (September 7th-9th)

Unexpected attacks have taken out several squads and damaged vital Alliance equipment. We will deploy drones to repair damage and investigate the nature of these attacks.

Squad Goal: Complete up to and including wave 10 on any difficulty without using a consumable (medi-gel, ammo, Ops pack or Cobra missile launcher).

Allied Goal: Complete 250,000 escort missions on any difficulty.

Special Circumstance: None

Squad Goal Success: All individual players awarded a Commendation Pack

Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack

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Posts: 596

When I played the Leviathan DLC on PC it looked like no one was playing the co-op anymore.

Posts: 1548

Ha ha no one cares :D