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Operation Tech Assault Launched

By Toast05-03-2014

Ubisoft has officially launched the first Alpha stage for EndWar Online titled Tech Assault. To have a chance to gain access to this first stage of closed Alpha stress testing, make sure you've signed up for 'the beta', which will enter you for a chance for Tech Assault, and an invitation for the future beta. You can also optionally watch out for other future opportunities which will arise soon over on their Facebook, Twitter, or official forums.

Tech Assault is literally about testing certain server constraints and connections it can handle for the server capacity and how much it can handle during skirmishes. Ubisoft has had to abandon some planned additions, such as Friend and Theatre of War Matches, which will unfortunately have to be added in at a later date, possibly sooner rather than later. So be sure to watch the above video on an update of progression thus far, and make sure to sign up if interested, because it might take a while for it to go into any kind of public beta.

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