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Operation Metro in Minecraft, Because Why Not?

By Endzville28-07-2013

Another day, another lunatic creates something implausible in Minecraft. This time our psychopath-in-question chose to recreate Battlefield 3's Operation Metro and, as is usually the case with these things, it's pretty bloody impressive. More so than you'd think at least. How impressive? Well, check out the trailer above for yourself; or, better yet, actually download it and have a roam around; or, even better than that, join the server of those who created it to play paintball or Capture The Flag. It would not surprise me in the slightest if it even played better than it does in Battlefield 3 itself at this point. Now all we need is for someone to create one of the bigger maps with helicopters, jeeps, tanks, and so on included, to reach the next stage of madness.

On that note, fellow Minecraft extraordinaire nutcases continue to build the world of Westeros from Game of Thrones. It's a good thing Minecraft doesn't let you create other planets in the same world, or I fear some madmen would undertake a recreation of our own solar system.

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Posts: 341

Buildings are white in BF3.
They're grey and ugly and generic and not similar in any way in this video.

Most of the shit looks ugly as hell.
If youre gonna make a "remake" of something in MC, atleast put effort into making textures.

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You need to hit the PLAY-button to see the resemblance, Xidio.

Posts: 341

I dont see the resemblence at all....maybe cause they use stock textures and havent detailed it at all nor made it big enough D:

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Posts: 1317

Pretty good job! Too bad they wasted their effort on recreating the literally worst multiplayer map ever made. -.-