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Open Warfare on the Battlefield

By Toast01-07-2013

You'll all be able to think about a recent game you've played that has a very linear singleplayer campaign that limits the free that players have. Well if you can't think, Battlefield 3 may have been one of those games which didn't open up the battlefield too much as it was a rather confined corridor action movie more than anything else. DICE want to change this however with offering more approaches to different objectives in the campaign.

"There are signature multiplayer elements that we want to bring into single-player," Troedsson said to OPM. "We want to give the player a choice. Do they want to go for the sneaky approach with a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, or do they want to take a jeep and have the entire squad shoot at everything they see?"

More choices are good, but it'll have to coincide with a decent story and experience to the campaign in order to get anyone interested in playing it at all. We all know the Battlefield series is famed for this explosive vehicular combat in massive maps that consisted of strategic points to capture and pushing back the enemy on multiple fronts, aerial, naval, armoured and troop combat. If they aim to bring some famous elements to the campaign they better give us a decent selection of vehicles and weapons to choose from!

So who here is a Battlefield fan and looking forward to its release? Let us know below!

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Well, from what I've seen of the footage so far, it does show a lot of potential. But then, a lot of things show potential.

Time will tell

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I know I am! If this statement holds any truth, this might turn out to be like bad company 1, only minus the humor.

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