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Only One Shot, No Compromises for Thief

By breadbitten19-06-2013

"We cannot say, 'oh sorry, we missed, so we are going to try again.' No, it doesn't work that way. So we cannot compromise, we must really give a good product, we must work closely with the marketing to make sure that the messaging around the game is really clear. Cannot compromise with this one. We reinvented this franchise, I think we have a single shot."

It can't be easy being Thief (the upcoming Eidos Montreal crafted reboot, of course) Producer Stefan Roy, resurrecting a highly revered classic videogame franchise notwithstanding, he's also faced with the daunting task of having to live up to Square Enix's lofty (read: insanely fucking high) expectations for their products' performance in the market. Speaking to Joystiq at E3, the developer apparently couldn't overstate the importance of getting this one right, as a game that fans will nod in appreciation and one that rocket propels its way to the top of sales charts. "It's a little like Deus Ex: Human Revolution a couple of years ago, we have the same kind of pressure to bring back that type of franchise, but yeah, there is this pressure to have a commercial success, of course."

The game's already experienced a rather rocky development process with changes in the studios staff, and it would make sense for the developer to be wary of the sheer magnitude of the things that can go wrong with this one. My advice: just concentrate on making the best game possible, have the PR people market it to its intended audience, without drumming the "accessible" and "Call of Duty audience" clichés, and watch the profits roll.

Thief is currently slated for a tentative 2014 release on the PC and Xbox One and PS4.

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No compromises? They said they want the game to be accessible for the casual market while also trying to make it challenging for the hardcore players.

They're already compromising.