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Only Oculus Connect

By BloodyFanGirl08-07-2014

Oculus VR has not yet have released a product for the consumer market but already the company has been acquired by Facebook. When something is that huge of a deal it only makes sense for the company to expand into hosting its own conference.

Oculus Connect will be a conference held on September 19th in California and those hoping to attend can apply here from July 10th. As you might've guessed, the event has been created in order to gather like-minded, tech-headed people together and allow them to network and otherwise mingle.

Oculus VR explained their motivation for creating such an event, saying, "In the last two years, we've seen more virtual reality content built than in the last two decades, and that's a direct result of incredible work by the community. With virtual reality's momentum at an all-time high, this is a unique moment for the developer community to come together to take the virtual reality to the next level."

At the conference, Oculus VR engineer-lead workshops will allow attendees to take a gander at technology currently under development by the company. Feedback will also be offered by Oculus VR to any attendees who bring along a project. Keynote speeches on the future of VR technology from Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, John Carmack and Michael Abrash will also be on offer, to attendees and also to everyone else via livestream. Attendee applications are open to all though obviously the event will be geared towards fellow developers. Attendance for this inaugural conference will also be very limited. Find out more at their website.

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