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Only Bros Need Enter

By breadbitten06-11-2013

Bros of Duty! I mean Call of Bros! I mean...Call of Doggy everybody! YEAH! Load it up, grab some Doritos, a few gallons of Mountain Dew as well, gather some of your fellow bros then proceed to set aside your collective wits/intellect/souls for a few lousy minutes to watch this video of some Infinity Ward devs trying to sell you the next iteration of the "benchmark of the modern day shooter"! YEAH! ALRIGHT! WOO!

Watched it? Now take in a deep breath...hold it...keep holding...is your vision starting to get blurry? No? Keep hold—okay now exhale. Congratulations. You just experienced your first "soul enema".

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@XiDiO: But amazing graphic fidelity!

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I miss my dog :(

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I think they are barking up the wrong tree.

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copy pasta ending

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Yes, let's bring in a movie writer to write the script for a video game. That is a tactic that's always been successful before.

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Do these people smell the shit coming out of their mouths?

Amazing graphic fidelity?!