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One Rule: Kickstart Mandate

By JcDent28-11-2013

David Bradley once again talks to you and asks: are you the Captain the Mandate needs? Counterintuitively, you probably are or will be. Because the Tsarist space opera has now been successfully Kickstarted. It was a slim victory, yet at the time of writing, the end of its Kickstarter campaign is 3 days away and the game has raised over 541K dollars.

It might reach the stretch goal of 600K (various digital goodies for backers over 100$), but not the more ambitious ones: away missions, boardable bases (so you could fight inside them) and mod support. All too bad and I for one blame various rubes who waste money Kickstarting various "deep" indie games – or feeding the ego of legendary game designers who, after getting all you money, announce that it is not enough. On the other hand, at this point, there's probably precious little money left over from Star Citizen. And we will still be able to make breaches in the shields of rebel ships and blast their crew to vacuum.

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