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One Million Europolis!

By Bobfish23-02-2013

The Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter has quite firmly taken the title of runaway success. And then some. Not only did they reach their target within the first week, but now, with still more than half of the time left to go, they've passed the million dollars mark. To celebrate, Ragnar Tornquist, the Capo di tutti capi of Red Thread Games, has posted the above video (more on that in a moment) to both the Kickstarter page and his personal YouTube. But they have also put out several tweets with assurance that Mac and Linux users will not be missing out, as translations for both OS's will be covered as certainties. Any further pledge money will go towards nothing less than making the game larger and longer. Good stuff. To show us how much work they've already put in, I call your attention back to the above, which details a new area called Europolis. Whereas the previous update showed a picturesque rolling forest, the new area is a violently star contrast. Grim, dark and oppressively depressing, the steampunk setting of Europe in 2200 is a daunting place. Comprised entirely of in game footage which, having followed this very closely, I have no doubt is entirely accurate this time, not just some inflated PR stunt. The Unity engine is showing itself to be serious contender. So keep checking back, because we'll let you know as soon as anything new comes up. Until then, come join us to show your support in the comments below, and maybe by throwing a few more dollars their way. They may not need them anymore, but you can be sure they'll put them to a good use all the same.

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