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One Man Can Make a Universe

By Bobfish14-09-2013

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you all to meet Cyril Megem. The one man dev team behind the upcoming Kickstarter project Universum: War Front. Yes, upcoming. As in not on Kickstarter yet. But you'd think it was already finished from the sheer amount of work already done. Just take a gander at the video, above, then have a shuftie through the screenshots on the website. And please, whatever you do, do not forget to swing by the Facebook page and give it a like. The production values here, by one man remember, put many a 'triple A' title to shame.

A criminally underexposed game.

How about we change that, hey folks?

Watch this space. We'll be back with full details of the Kickstarter as and when it is officially launched. One thing is for certain. We have before us a rising star in the video game industry.

Watch close folks.

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Posts: 3290

I think he did that because he was worried about his accent or something

Posts: 228

Was the narration done by some sort of voice synthesizer? Calling it nowL Cyril is actually a russian AI hivemind.