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One Lego Hobbit to Rule Them All (Updated)

By PeterChi25-11-2013

Lego: The Hobbit is set for release in 2014, according to this leaked picture, and is being developed by Traveller's Tales the studio behind all the previous Lego games which seem to get better and better as they go along.

The date of 2014 can only mean that Traveler's Tales are planning to release The Hobbit as one game to cover the whole trilogy of The Hobbit movies. As the final Hobbit movie is only being released for Christmas 2014, it would be a safe bet that we won't see Lego: The Hobbit until around the final film's release.

For an idea of some of the scenes that will feature in the game check out Lego's The Hobbit website (http://thehobbit.lego.com/en-us#79000). These scenes from The Hobbit are made with real Lego, but I'm hoping Traveller's Tales manage to capture the atmosphere and humour that these pictures do.

At least I know what I'm getting my wife for Christmas next year.

Update: The game has now been officially confirmed. Check out the screenshots below and head on over here for more details.

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