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One (G)Mod To Rule Them All

By Kelevandos08-05-2013

Now, we all love mods, don't we? While they vary in size and range of modifications, almost every player used some of them, be it the community-made fixes or totally game-changing ones. Modding is one of the core elements of the gaming community and as such, it undergoes various regularization attempts. The most recent one, Gmod software by Olympus Games, looks quite promising.

Gmod is supposed to be a universal mod-distribution platform, working with every game, no matter the means of obtaining it. It will allow a one-click mod downloading and implementation, with automated file backing and website-based mod browsing. You will be able to quickly add a mod to your library, which later synchronizes when the client is online. Also, if you already have some mod files, you will be able to simply drag and drop them into the program, which will process them appropriately.

That is not the end of great features. While the usage of the platform will be subscription-based, some of the money earned this way will be given to the modders themselves, seemingly like on Steam Workshop. This way, Olympus will be able to develop their software even further and the best modders will be rewarded for their work. Neat.

The platform has been undergoing development for the past two years, the current beta already supporting Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Torchlight and the newest Fallouts. Seeing how they asked important people for an opinion (and got some decent ones), the Olympus guys know what they are doing and how to get it done right. If you find the idea as great as I do, make sure to head to the Kickstarter page and back it up (the 25$ backing grants you a life subscription, so grab it while it's still warm)!

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I was about to say that the name "GMod" is bound to meet some controversy, but... too late...