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By StuntmanLT07-12-2012

Surprise, surprise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is selling like hotcakes. After just 15 days it earned Activision 1 billion dollars. There were some concerns that CoD is losing popularity and that Black Ops 2 isn’t as welcomed by gamers as previous games. Apparently this is not true and the game is still enticing to players as any of the previous instalments. Not only that but the game sold faster than Avatar and broke its record by two days.

As much as I think decline of Call of Duty franchise and Activision is just a matter of time it seems it is not today. And actually I am quite happy Black Ops 2 is doing well. I am still working on the review for Black Ops 2 and I can tell you (review spoiler alert) that the game is very good.

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