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Once Again, The Batman Stalks His Prey

By ElderCub26-10-2015

Subject: Bruce Wayne “Batman”

Time: 10am Pacific, October 28th. It looks like the Bat is ready to don the cowl once more. Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released on Steam in the next couple days at full price along with it’s season pass for it’s own current price. Hearing this, I was a little disappointed. Yes, it’s good that we’re getting the game back and everyone can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed… Nearly 6 months ago. No patch notes (yet) and a shell of an apology. What we do see from Warner Bros’ Representative is the previously announced Photo mode, the Arkham Asylum Skin, and character selection for the Augmented Reality challenges. Oh and Big Head mode, yaaaaaay. I hardly see that as more than a stab at the recently announced Tomb Raider microtransactions that allow for, pause for dramatic effect, Big Head mode. I remember when that was a cheat code.

The larger portion of the announcement is spent outlining their Season Pass information, which we have chronicled time, and time again. They thank the community for their input, but never really apologized for making such a mess in the first place. So while I’ve been waiting to buy this game, I think it’s time to sit down and ask myself whether they deserve my money. The full “patch notes” are as follows, and if I were you I’d take a second to look at the comments. At least from a humorous perspective.

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