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On Yer Bike...Gun

By Bobfish20-09-2013

Our boy Artyom is getting some new kit in post apoclypsquel (post apocalyptic sequel) Metro: Last Light. A fan designed weapon called the Bicycle Shotgun. And yes, it really is as ludicrous as it sounds. In all the right ways! Ludicrous, but also entirely thematically accurate. The Metro universe is well known for its exotic, bizarre, yet purely functional weapon design. And this hulking monstrosity of awesome is no exception.

"Alexandre Bannwarth, a 1st year design student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand saw his dream weapon design for 'Metro: Last Light' become (virtual) reality when Ukrainian developer 4A Games offered to build his creation in-game.

Based on the novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, the critically acclaimed video game 'Metro: Last Light' is set in a bleak post-apocalypse, where the remnants of mankind struggle to survive in the Moscow Metro – the largest nuclear bunker in the world.

With modern technologies lost forever, these survivors have learned to fashion crude, hand-made weaponry scavenged together from scrap metal and spare parts.

Inspired by 4A's incredible designs, Alexandre submitted his own - the 'Multi Barreled Bicycle Shotgun' - in a 'Design a Weapon' competition run by gaming website GamePlanet.co.nz"

Just take a look at the attached images. It really is an insane piece of equipment. The kind only a madman would use. But for anyone who has played either of the games, and faced off against a hoard of Nosalis's, you well know, only a madman would be able to survive. But hey, at least it's a (little) bit easier now.

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It's a bit on the mental side, that's for sure.

And me wants

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That's actually a pretty damn creative weapon. I love all the pseudo-science that went into making it! :D