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On The Re-Emergence Of The Eternals

By BloodyFanGirl01-08-2013

Shadow of the Eternals has had difficulty coming into being and that's no secret. They had a Kickstarter which was shut down after only making 10% of their goal with 15 days left of their funding campaign. Now, the project has re-emerged with a new Kickstarter. This new page asks for less than their last goal and, to sweeten the deal, Precursor Games recently revealed that the David Hayter will be lending his voice talents to the game.

Denis Dyack of Precursor Games recently spoke with PCGamer about the project and he explained why the first Kickstarter was closed. He also explained why the game has moved away from episodic gameplay to a singular, whole experience. It turns out that the reasons behind both decisions are largely down to feedback given by the community. He said, "There was a lot of hesitation out there because we were guaranteeing a two-hour experience and people wanted more, so we're gonna give an eight-to-ten-hour experience that's complete in itself from just the first goal in the Kickstarter."

Dyack went on to talk about the importance of the community in making Shadow of the Eternals. Speaking about the development ideas put forward in the backers-only forum called 'Order of the Unseen', he said, "It's that type of thing that, to us, was overwhelmingly positive. Take the sanity events. Probably 60 or so in the original Eternal Darkness. We have well over 300 now and the game hasn't even started. It has a lot of potential."

The community has also helped with the designs for the Eternal Gods, an integral part of this game's, and its predecessor's, mythos. "We said, 'Here are nine [Eternal Gods]. Come up with things that you think best fit in with these.' Knowing that some of them were within the sphere of magic, some of them were within the sphere of sanity, some of them were within the sphere of matter, and some of them overlap. People piled on there like crazy."

Whilst thrilled with the current community response, Dyack stated that it was too early to say whether the game would receive Steam Workshop support at some point after release.

The Eternals' Kickstarter is a quarter of the way to its funding target with 24 days left. If you still need convincing then watch the gameplay demo on the CryEngine 3 above.

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Posts: 351

The first game is one of my favorite games of all time, I am not as confident in the people making it unfortunately, but I will give it a go if its made.

Posts: 3290

Come on, let it succeed this time :(