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OMGPOP Goes the Weasel

By Toast08-08-2013

Troubled Social games developer Zynga has declined the offer by some of the original team members at OMGPOP.com to buy the website off of them. The deals collapsed with Zynga and still are planning to shut it down for good on the 30th of September. Originally OMGPOP was known by its Draw Something game and some Pictionary clone, which caught Zynga's attention while it was still expanding and decided to buy it over.

Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ and Snoops are 4 games hosted on OMGPOP, all 4 will be going dark on the 29th August. Even though the titles reportedly still had 30k monthly active users and was still generating money, apparently not enough for Zynga, which has prompted the decision to axe it. The strange thing about all of this is that the original team wanted to buy everything over, and even at one point said they'd run the website for free for Zynga, but they didn't want to proceed with this because of too many legal costs, apparently stuff they can't afford right now with their financial turmoil and woes.

Although recently after the closure of OMGPOP's office in June there was reported scenes of ripping up and destroying of merchandise belonging to Zynga. Also just in April, the original Draw Something developer, Dan Porter took a spiteful leave in protest before the release of the sequel Draw Something 2, just a few weeks before release. So there hasn't been much love lost for Zynga from their now former employees, we'll likely be seeing more jobs and games/services axed within the near future in order for them to attempt to save themselves before the inevitable happens.


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