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Old Metro, New Ducks

By Bobfish08-08-2014

Still on the fence about Metro Redux? Are you, like some of my fellow Judges, completely at a loss for why you would bother buying what is, essentially, a game you already own with a few minor tweaks? Then perhaps this enhancements video will win you over. I mean, we all knew 2033 would see a significant update, but Last Light? How much can they really do with that?


A lot more than you thought as it turns out. The trailer focuses a lot on the new consoles, claiming that they can now achieve what was previously only available to high end PC users. Stressing how it will now be a comparable experience...before then letting we of the Master Race know that we will also be getting 4K textures. So, yeah, they're still lagging way behind huh? On top of that, across both versions, we're getting even more gameplay modes, improved AI, an absolutely massive overhaul of the original game, including removing loading screens (for the most part) and just generally not being overwhelmingly flawed, as it was before.

You may still be thinking there's no point getting them. Or that this should all be offered as free updates to the people who already have them. But frankly, I'm convinced. They do, both, look superb, and have more than just a few little improvements here and there. And they're half price if you own the previous games. And they were amazing to begin with. So yeah, hater's gonna' hate I guess. But come August 29th, I'm going back to the Metro. With or without you. The ducks will keep me company.

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Posts: 1317

Still don't see the point in paying extra for Metro Last Light. Paying €10 to get a barely noticeable update to the graphics and AI? That's what we used to call FREE PATCHING.

However, Metro 2033 is quite tempting, the original game's AI was horrendous, and it'll be nice to get the respectable boost in visual fidelity.

Posts: 3290

Me want. Me want very much

Posts: 23

Definitely looking forward to replay the first game again.
Should run even better with the newer engine too.